Health: The Fight Against Alcoholism Financed by … the Alcohol Lobby

General News
The alcohol lobby has proposed to fund the fight against alcoholism.

Traders and producers of wines, spirits and beers proposed, yesterday, to finance for 4 years up to 5 million euros the fight against alcoholism.

This is a measure that seems paradoxical but has nevertheless borne fruit in Spain or Italy , also great producers of wines, as reported by Paris Match.

The alcohol lobby has proposed funding for 5 million of preventive measures against alcohol dependence, especially among pregnant women and young people.

“A problem in France”

Joël Forgeau, the president of wine and society, assures him: ”  the alcohol-dependence is a problem in France , because it affects 2.9% of the society “, according to the figures of WHO, whereas it touches 0.5% of the population in Italy or 0.7% in Spain.

However, the lobbying body continues to fight against the Ministry of Health for the application of the enlargement of the logo prohibiting alcohol to women. 

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