Television: The Host Alessandra Sublet could Leave TF1 to join C8

Alessandra Sublet could leave TF1 for C8

TRANSFER: Alessandra Sublet would be in touch with the leaders of C8, the Canal + group channel …

An arrival of weight! While C8 faces, in particular, the departures of Camille Combal and Julien Courbet , the chain could make a big blow by bringing Alessandra Sublet on its antenna. Indeed, according to information from our colleagues at Télé Loisirs, the host would be in touch with the Canal + group, to join C8.

The host, who joined TF1 in 2014 after leaving France Télévisions, had already hesitated at the time with C8. Rebelote last year, in  Touch not to my post , Maxime Guény had evoked “small discussions” between the host and the channel. Cyril Hanouna had confirmed a meeting, without saying more: “We met amicably. We had a drink. But when we take a drink with me, that does not mean that we arrive on C8. ”

This time, the good?

At the time, Cyril Hanouna had claimed to worship Alessandra Sublet and want to produce it. Very little appeared on the screen since his arrival on TF1, the host would want to change the creamery and we understand. She confided recently to our colleagues in Puremedia, saying: “It is true that on TF1, I did not have the opportunity to be in my role. In any case the one I had on  C to you , One night at the Eiffel Tower or  Make me a place. All lights therefore look green for a transfer to C8.

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