Strike at the SNCF: One TGV and One Transilien out of Two, Two TER out of five Thursday

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The strike at the SNCF resumes on Thursday 3rd May

Thursday 3rd May, the strike at the SNCF resumes, for its second month. There are one TGV and one Transilien out of two, two TER out of five. Details.

One TGV and one Transilien out of two will circulate Thursday, as well as two TER out of five, during the 13th day of strike at the SNCF since early April, announced the management on Wednesday.

There will also be one train out of three, while internationally, three trains out of five are planned, said Alain Krakovitch, General Manager of SNCF Transilien, at a press conference.

330 TGV in circulation Thursday

Of the staff needed to train trains, SNCF accounted for 29.8% of strikers, after a rate of 32.2% recorded on April 24th, “last day of work (strike) comparable,” said Krakovich . In detail, Thursday, will be on strike 52% of drivers, 40% of controllers and 23% of signalers, he detailed.

SNCF “will put into circulation 330 TGV” Thursday, “60 more” than during strikes “23, 24, 28 and 29 April,” said the group in a statement. Three TGVs on five are planned on the East axis, one TGV on two on the South East axis, two TGVs on five on the Atlantic axis and one TGV on three on the North axis.

In Ile-de-France, on the lines of RER A and B, it will take one train out of two on average. The group also plans one out of three RER C and two out of five RER D.

Internationally, four Eurostars out of five are expected, a “near normal traffic” for Thalys and two out of five Lyria trains.

Second month of strike

The SNCF strike will come Wednesday evening at 20h in its second month. This seventh episode of two days of strike will end Saturday at 07:55.

Unions CGT, Unsa and CFDT filed their notice on Monday for the eighth strike sequence, which will cover the period from 8pm on the 7th May to 7.55am on the 10th May. SUD Rail filed an unlimited strike notice at the beginning of the conflict.

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