Parcoursup: “More than Half” of Students will have a Positive Response as early as Tuesday night, says the Government

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Parcoursup will deliver on May 22, 2018 its first responses to some 810,000 future graduates and students in reorientation.

According to the Ministers of Higher Education and Education, more than half of the 810,000 future students will have a positive response for their university wish on the Parcoursup website

“More than half” of the 810 000 future graduates and students of reorientation will receive from Tuesday evening a positive response to their wishes for registration formulated on the new university platform Parcoursup, said the ministers of Education and Education superior.

“We already have an evaluation, even if it will become clear throughout the day,” said Jean-Michel Blanquer on RTL. “We know that more than half of the students will have a positive answer today (…), tonight at 6pm”, the time when the first results are expected.

“We have on the parcoursup  platform more than a million proposals that will be made tonight and we have about half of the high school students who should, as of tonight, have one or more proposals,” said Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Education. Higher Education, on France Inter.

The others, those who have not received a positive response to their wishes Tuesday night, “are waiting,” said Ms. Vidal. “Starting tonight, high school students who have proposals will accept some, will refuse others and therefore free places,” she said.

The updated system every day

Because the places that young people give up are immediately put back into the system. The system, and therefore the waiting lists, are updated every day, before the start of classes.

The Parcoursup university platform is the successor to the APB platform, whose operation was strongly criticized last year.

Jean-Michel Blanquer also said he “set a goal of two-thirds of positive responses” at the start of the written exams of the baccalaureate, Monday, June 18. “I think we will do even better than that,” he said.

For selective courses (preparatory classes, BTS, DUT, double-licenses, etc.), students will receive a “yes”, a “no” or “pending”, as in previous years.

For non-selective streams, “yes”, “pending” or “yes if”, if the university considers that the candidate does not have the required knowledge and skills.

If he receives several “yes”, the young must keep only one and therefore give up the others, within a week. He may also keep one or more vows “on hold”.

For the first time, the records of all candidates were ranked by universities (at least in theory). A measure denounced as a “selection” at the entrance to the university, according to opponents of this procedure which was the subject of a law in the spring.

The challenge to a classification of the files provoked demonstrations and blockades of universities.


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