Disquaire Day, When Toulouse is celebrating Vinyls

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Disquaire Day in Toulouse

Saturday, April 21, 2018, record stores Toulouse will sell for sale unreleased or rare vinyl records. The piggy bank will suffer … but the ears will feast!

Celebrate, one day a year, the vinyls, these black cakes that make mad collectors on the lookout for an unpublished Dylan, an unheard of Jack White, a live ever released by Johnny Cash is what the record dealer proposes Day this Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Christmas in April!

This is the Record Day, this miraculous day where it finally becomes possible to get your hands on the coveted Grail for so many years. Driven by the Calif – the Ministry of Culture, to simplify – this particular day is also, of course, the happiness of independent record stores, and they are numerous in the Pink City.

Thus Thomas Cuvelier, owner of the legendary Bullitt. The small store, which opened in November 2000 at 20, rue des Lois, specializes in original pressing. For Thomas, Disquaire Day is Nöel in April:

“It’s the biggest day of the year: almost six times a normal Saturday .”

It is therefore a question of being ready. “We receive from Calif, towards the end of February, a list of all that will be available. Then we choose what we want, according to his clientele, his intuition of what will be asked. Then, the Calif regroups the orders of all the record stores of France, Belgium and Switzerland and will distribute them. If I ask 400 Bowie , I will not get them all … “, explains Thomas.

Not a disc convention

Disquaire Day is not a convention of the national record: it will not find old records a little scratched a few euros. On the other hand, we will find impeccable mythical recordings – and at the price of the usual vinyl (read: very, too much, high) – little or very briefly published, unreleased , and even records recorded just for the occasion.

The Adami and FIP have thus joined the day to edit unpublished duets recorded on Radio France  : Rodolphe Burger and Arnaud Rebotini, Bachar Mar-Khalifé and Christophe, Keren Ann and the Debussy Quartet … “That said, the base remains the same. great classics, observes Thomas. This year, we have a lot of demands on the classics: Neil Young – which we will propose the live double ”  Roxy: Tonight’s the night” – Motörhead, the Stones, etc.  ”

The Record Day is also punctuated by a whole series of festivities, and the biggest French proposal this year will be Toulouse. The tributes of Forever Popot and Fred Pallem & the Rite of Spring to the great composer of soundtrack François de Roubaix at the Metronum de Borderouge will be worth the detour, and many record stores will welcome very nice groups, like Slift at My bad frequentations (8, rue des Lois); DJ ViviBang and Miss Lady Penelope at Croc Vinyl (7, just opposite); Laurent Rochelle, Marc Sarrazy and MAN? at Vicious Circle (56, rue Gambetta).

We will feast: it’s so good, a good galette …

Yves Gabay

Disquaire Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the independent record stores of Toulouse.
Info on www.disquaireday.fr

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