Air France Dispute: Unions Announce Four More Strikes in April

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Unions have announce for more strike days at Air France in April

Ten Air France unions announced four additional strike dates in April, 17 and 18 and 23 and 24, at the same time as SNCF railway workers.

The wage dispute at Air France has hardened on Wednesday. Ten unions of all trades announced four additional strike days,the 17 and 18 April and on 23 and 24 April. At the same time as the railwaymen.

he decision was made after a meeting with management on Wednesday morning, where each side maintained its position.

6% increase

Denouncing a “sham bargain” in a statement sent to AFP, the Inter says that it “remains determined to continue the fight until a 6% increase in salary scales” for all.

The pilot organizations (SNPL, Spaf, Alter), hostesses and stewards (SNPNC, Unsa-PNC, CFTC, SNGAF) and ground staff (CGT, FO and SUD), have already led a four-day strike (22). February, March 23 and 30, April 3) and scheduled another three (April 7, 10 and 11).

April 18, 23 and 24 coincide with strike dates scheduled at SNCF.

In its text, the inter-union regrets that the management did not wish to “begin negotiations”.

“Coming once again with empty pockets, making no realistic proposal, the leadership persists in the confrontation and assumes to extend the strike,” knowing that “this stubbornness has already lost 100 million euros to Air France She says.

The airline, which “deplored” Wednesday night the announcement of new strikes, had estimated about “26 million euros” the cost of the first day of strike, in February, during which a quarter of the flights had had be cancelled, according to his estimates.

Lower the costs

In the morning, she again proposed to the inter-union to negotiate “the establishment of a complementary mechanism of salary adjustment for staff whose individual salary would have grown less quickly than inflation between 2011 and 2017”.

But “the Inter Union decided to leave the room after 40 minutes,” she said in a statement to AFP, “regret (s)” that management “refuses to engage in a constructive discussion.”

The unions left “after thirty minutes” because the Air France HR Director, Gilles Gateau, said he “does not have a mandate to negotiate the claim of the inter-union,” said Karim Taïbi FO.

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