A Montessori School Planned in Cherbourg for the Start of September

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A new montessori school is planned for Cherbourg

Emilie Reyrat and Séverine Baudry have plans to open a Montessori school in Cherbourg for the start of September 2018.

Emilie Reyrat and Séverine Baudry have plans to create a bilingual school with the Montessori method in  Cherbourg . The goal of the two young women is to see this school open its doors in September 2018 .

The goal, initially, is to accommodate about 25 children aged 2 and a half to 6 years. They will be supervised by an educator who will be trained Montessori and an English speaking assistant , the goal being to share the activities in French and English.


Obviously, this project at a cost and the two founders will very soon appeal to crowdfunding to help them carry out their approach.

As a reminder, the Montessori method aims to educate children in a benevolent and positive way . Its pedagogy is based on the sensory and kinesthetic education of the child.

For more information, visit the Facebook page “Montessori Bilingual School Les Petits Bateaux”.

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