The Wreck of Britannica Hav Arrived in Front of Le Havre

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Britannica Hav being towed to Cherbourg

The hull of the Britannica Hav supported the towing on the night of March 21st to 22nd, 2018. Supported by the Bee Liberty, she must enter Le Havre around 1pm on Thursday.

The hull of Britannica Hav , this ship capsized Tuesday 20th March, 2018 after a collision with the Belgian trawler Deborah , arrived this morning in the access channel to the port of Le Havre , towed by the Bee Liberté. The convoy has been sailing since Wednesday noon at a speed of 3 knots, a reduced pace given the fragility of the hull . The Argonaute anti-pollution vessel participated in the escort.

Reduced pace

According to the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea, the convoy should be in the passes of the Port of Le Havre around 11pm to take advantage of favourable weather conditions and the open sea.

Regarding the hatch covers, they have disassociated but they are still about 50 nautical miles (100 km) in the north-east of Cherbourg . They are followed by the Flamant public service patrolman , the tug Kermorof Caen and the British beacon vessel Galatea.

The hatches of Britannica Hav, marked by the Abeille Liberté crew, will also be towed to Le Havre.
The hatches, marked by the Abeille Liberté crew, will also be towed to Le Havre. (© National Marine)

The shipowner chartered two additional tugboats, the Sea Buldog and the Mustang , from the Netherlands, to tow the panels to the port of Le Havre.

A case closely followed by the association Robin des Bois:

“This is the first time a fishing boat sinks a cargo ship following a collision. Usually and, unfortunately, we can usually talk about cargo ships sink fishing boats. The sinking of the Klein Familie and its five perishables at sea after a collision with the chemical tanker Sichem Pandora in January 2006 is remembered .”

Robin des Bois likens the precipitous return to Zeebrugge of the Belgian trawler Deborah to a deliberate desire to obstruct the investigation on the establishment of responsibilities . The Deborah , a 38 m long steel trawler, is according to the association responsible for the ramming of Britannica Hav .

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