Terrorist attack in Aude: 4 Dead, 15 Injured, Assailant Killed

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During the terrorist attack in Aude, Friday, March 23, 2018, shortly after the taking of hostages

A hostage taking took place on Friday 23rd March, 2018 in a supermarket in Trèbes (Aude), near Carcassonne. The madman, who targeted CRS, claimed to be Daesh.

>A  terrorist attack in Aude, took place this Friday 23rd March, 2018 in the morning, with hostages being taken in a supermarket in Trèbes (Aude).   According to preliminary evidence, a man “entered the Super U supermarket around 11:15 am and  shots were heard.”

The kidnapper, who had first raided Carcassonne, then claimed responsibility for the Islamic State. The last assessment reports 4 dead and 15 wounded, 1 in serious condition.

The main facts of the event:

  • The victims: 3 people were killed and 16 wounded, including 3 seriously, in attacks perpetrated Friday, March 23, 2018 in Carcassonne and Trèbes (Aude).
  • The author: The attacker was called Redouane Lakdim, he was shot down by the Toulouse branch of GIGN. The 25-year-old Franco-Moroccan was living in Carcassonne, “stuck in S because of his radicalization and its links with the Salafist movement,” said Paris prosecutor François Molins.
  • The attack of a motorist: In the morning, the terrorist pointed a motorist in Carcassonne, to steal his car, and opened fire. The passenger is dead, the driver injured.
  • The attack on CRS: Around 10:40, he then fired on the CRS who were jogging near their barracks. One of them was injured, he had two broken ribs and a perforated lung.
  • The taking of hostages at Super U: The attacker then went to Trèbes, 8 km from Carcassonne, and entered the Super U around 11 am, “shouting Allah Akbar”. He then held some hostages, some of them were able to escape. And he killed two other people, an employee and a customer.
  • The hero: During the hostage-taking, a lieutenant-colonel of gendarmerie showed a true act of heroism: he entered the store, in exchange for the release of a hostage. Seriously wounded, “he fights against death” according to Emmanuel Macron.
  • The onslaught: The GIGN gendarmes stormed at around 14:45. The attacker was killed. In addition to the policeman who was held hostage, a man from GIGN Toulouse was injured.
  • Claim: The terrorist claimed Daesh and ISIS claimed responsibility for its attacks. The nearby. One person was taken into custody for criminal association in connection with a terrorist enterprise. It is about a close one who shared his life, according to François Molins.
  • Investigation: The antiterrorist section of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has been seized of the case

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