Loire: A Tourist Plane Crashes on a Highway, Two Dead

Local News
Two people died in the crash of a twin-engine aircraft in Saint-Chamond (Loire)

It was around 12:15 pm on Saturday 31st March, 2018 when a twin-engine aircraft crashed into the A47 highway’s emergency lane in the Loire. Two people died.

A tragic accident took place Saturday 31st March, 2018 in the municipality of Saint-Chamond (Loire) . Around 12.15pm, a twin-engine aircraft crashed  on the emergency stop band of the A47 motorway, explains Le Progrès . The pilot and the passenger died.

The Emergency services of Saint-Etienne and the brigade of air transport Lyon Saint-Exupéry are expected at the scene of the accident.

Reduced traffic

For the moment, we do not know the circumstances of this tragedy. According to testimonies collected by the CRS, the plane was flying at low altitude when it struck a signaling gantry.

Since then, the traffic is reduced to one way, in the direction Saint-Etienne / Lyon, specifies the highway squadron of the CRS.

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