Alpine Unveils Three New Versions of the A110 at the Geneva Motor Show

The Alpine A110 Pure and the legendary Alpine A110 were unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Three new versions of the Alpine A110 (two for the road, one for the circuits) were unveiled by the Dieppe brand at the Geneva Motor Show, Tuesday 6th March, 2018.

They are many who admire the first A110 parked in the car park of the Alpine plant in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), waiting to fill their happy owners. But already, the Renault group announces the arrival of three new versions of its light sport coupe: two for the road and one for the circuits.

It was at the International Motor Show in Geneva (Switzerland) that they were unveiled on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 by Mickaël van der Sande, General Manager of Alpine.

After the A110 First Edition, here are presented the A110 Pure and the A110 Legend . The Dieppe brand describes them as vehicles “with very distinct personalities”.

Purists will appreciate the Pure version, “the most faithful version of the legendary Berlinette that won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1973”.

While the Legend version has the character of a GT and is distinguished by a choice of comfort seats with six-way adjustable seats, black or brown leather upholstery and a higher level of equipment. She wants to be more sophisticated and refined.

New colors

If the technical features are identical to the first edition (aluminum chassis, turbo engine and suspension settings), aficionados of the brand will be able to choose between three new body colors: iridescent white, abyss blue and thunder gray, as well as four new designs rims. Mickaël van der Sande launches:

“With the launch of the Pure and Legend versions, there is now an A110 for all tastes.”

The indicative prices for these new models have been revealed: the Pure version will be sold from € 54,700 and the Legend version from € 58,500.

Model for circuits

In addition, Alpine has unveiled its new model for circuits: the new GT4 developed by Signatech, its partner in competition. It is presented as having “better power and aerodynamic support than the A110 Cup”.

Motor sport enthusiasts should discover this new racing car at various European races in the second half of 2018, “before it goes to the production stage for the 2019 season”. All A GT4s will be entered by private teams but will benefit from Signatech’s factory support, “says Renault.

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