Paris: Man at the Louvre, Arrested Naked in Front of the Mona Lisa

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Man arrested at the Loure in Paris after undressing in front of Mona Lisa

A Spanish 28-year undressed before the picture of the Mona Lisa, the Louvre Museum in Paris, Monday 22nd January, 2018. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Has he been troubled by Mona Lisa portrait? A man of 28 years was arrested by police on Monday 22nd January, 2018, after undressing in front of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris.

Le Parisien said that this Spanish visitor was lying completely naked in the middle of the room that houses the painting of Leonardo da Vinci. Two security officers immediately warned their leaders.

Handcuffed by police officers arrived on the scene, “exhibitionist” was led by force to the police station of the 1st district of the capital and placed in custody.

An artistic performance?

According to our colleagues, it could be an artistic performance … gone wrong. The Louvre has clearly not enjoyed the scene and filed a complaint against the individual.

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