Rhine: A Man Caught at 200 km/h on a Country Road

Local News
In the Haut-Rhin, a driver is caught speeding at 200km/h on a country road

RADAR: The police seized the vehicle and withdrawn the license of the driver on the spot …

Tuesday, December 26, a man was caught on a provincial road, up to Balschwiller (Haut-Rhin) with 200 km / h reported the Facebook page of the local gendarmerie. The speed is normally limited to 90 km / h and it is more of an “accident-prone” sector, reported the police.

The reckless driver in recurrence

The Gendarme Bikers brigade from Altkirch immediately seized the vehicle, a Mercedes with a large engine, and withdrew his license to the driver, already known to the gendarme services in the past for similar offences.

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