Press: François Régis Hutin, a Journalist and Former Head of the Ouest-France group, Died

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François Régis Hutin died in Rennes this Sunday, December 10 2017

François Régis Hutin, daily Ouest-France boss for more than thirty years, has died at Rennes on Sunday 10 December. He was 88 years old.

Ouest-France  and throughout the SIPA group, to which the group belongs Publihebdos , editor of the platform , are in mourning. Francois Regis Hutin , the boss first daily newspaper in France for thirty-two years, until October 2016, died this Sunday, December 10, 2017 in Rennes . He was 88 years old and still signed Saturday in the editorial of the newspaper.

It’s his wife, Jeanne-Françoise Hutin, who announced his death.

In a statement, the general direction of the group Ouest France  expressed its deep sadness at the death of this great architect of the radiation of the newspaper to which he has devoted his life:

“François Régis Hutin always held the Presidency of the editorial board of the newspaper and made us every Saturday from its editorial reflections on society and the political and economic developments in the countries of Europe or the world in which he could distinguish the essential. He reminded us constantly that in all circumstances the primacy of the person and human values ​​should override other considerations.”

The Directorate-General pays tribute to media owner, journalist, reporter, columnist and the man of conviction invested in understanding current events with the aim of informing the best readers. Under his leadership, Ouest-France organized its independence by becoming the property of an association law 1901 Ouest-France has also engaged in big fights for the abolition of the death penalty, preservation of free education or the improvement of detention conditions in prisons.

François Régis Hutin was also the founder of ”  Ouest France Solidarity  ” to help vulnerable people from disasters and wars.

“Driven by the constant concern of respect for the human person, comforted by his faith and with his talent and determination, François Régis Hutin will have created an independent information newspaper committed ethically serving the citizens of our territories.”

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