Facebook and Instagram Affected by a Global Outage

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Facebook and Instagram were offline due to a global outrage

DISCONNECTED: This Saturday afternoon, many users of both social networks have reported difficulties to access … 

Panic on the internet. For over an hour, Facebook and Instagram have been victims of a technical problem , making them inaccessible sites. Since – we are saved – everything is back in order.

“This service is temporarily unavailable” error message that was displayed on many Internet-computers around the world that attempted to access Facebook and Instagram Saturday afternoon. A bit panicked but not completely disoriented, users began posting messages on Twitter to discuss the issue. 

” Sorry for the disruption “

“A technical problem prevented some people access to Facebook services,” said a spokesman for the company to Mashable . “We quickly sought the origin of this error and we are trying to restore service to all. Sorry for the inconvenience. ”

The situation was quickly restored to most users, although some problems persist for some users.

[Source: Techtipsonline.net]

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