Chateau-Gontier: New Balls for Tennis Club

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New balls for the Tennis club in Chateau-Gontier

Philosophy, coach, course … The new season is synonymous with change for the club Tennis Chateau-Gontier. The objective this season? Revitalizing sports structure.

Reviving the club

“The plan is to have ambition for all licensees. “ President of the Tennis Club Chateau-Gontier since May, Christophe Rouillon has the will to give a new impetus to the club from next season: ” We wish to rededicate players recreation. Do not target but take into account all individuals in order to recreate the dynamism. “ These last two years, the club has seen its number of licensees decrease significantly. They are now 235 to hit the ball yellow TCCG.

A new coach

This new philosophy is reflected in the recruitment Florent Lemoine, who took the left teaching vacancy Thomas Cossonnet. 25 years old, he teaches graduate of State, ranked 5/6. Above all, the young man from Maine-et-Loire has “evolved in small structures with many recreational players, says the president. He has a vision of the club close to ours. “

Another advantage Florent Lemoine work only in Chateau-Gontier, where he moved in, and will be present every day, Monday to Friday and even some Saturdays. “To invest in a club, this is the ideal,” says one who also manage the performance side.

A diversified offer

Besides the coach, the offer was also renewed. “Every young graduate will have a course supervised by a certified teacher of State or Florent, or Hugo Messenger. This was not the case before. “ In the department also new balls, physical training in the form of workshops will be offered for members of the club.

Florent will take care of adults, while Anthony Durand, in training at the club this year, will take charge of offering sessions for young people. They do not necessarily have to do directly with the court. Note finally that many benefits were backed contributions, especially for new members.

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