Hérault: A tractor … Flashed at 150 km/h on the Motorway

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A farmer from Hérault receives a speeding ticket for his tractor

A winemaker from Montagnac in the Hérault, received a ticket to the Belgian police who accused him of having been flashed at 150 km/h … aboard his 30 years old tractor …

Rémi Gervais, a wine of Montagnac was flashed to 150 km/h in Belgium by the traffic police of Namur . Until then, nothing extraordinary. Except that the object of the offense is an old tractor 30 years … “which does not exceed 30 km / h descent” laughs the winemaker.

I thought I could more easily win the lottery than to harvest it,” is he fun to France Bleu Hérault. “It is better to laugh. Maybe my tractor can enter the record books. ”

Defrauded the license plate?

The farmer from Herault who received the speeding fine on Friday ensures never having been in Belgium … and even less driving his “fireball”. He contacted the Belgian police in order to repair the error. This is either a mistake or a fraud to the license plate of which he was the victim.

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