Eurovision Broadcast in some Cinemas in France

Eurovision is to be broadcast in some cinemas in France

The International Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast in several cinemas of the IRGC network announced on Tuesday by France Télévisions.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast for the first time in film and accompanied by other shows on its wings and its history, said on Tuesday by France Télévisions, who wants to capitalize on the good audience last year.

The final, presented by Stéphane Bern Marianne James, will be broadcast on France 2, on the 13th May live from Kiev, Ukraine. Last year, it had attracted 5 million viewers, a 30% audience share, and 200 million viewers worldwide.

“Meet and party”

The French followers of the European music competition will also follow this year in dozens of cinemas of the IRGC network. “For us, what was important was to offer French fans a place to meet and party” has explained at a press conference Edoardo Grassi, head of the French delegation to Eurovision.

France will be represented this year by the young singer Alma Lyon, with the title “Requiem” . This song with a driving beat, mixing French and English, was written and composed by Nazim Khaled, the author of “J’ai cherché”, which earned the singer, Amir sixth place at the 2016 Eurovision finals.

Unknown to the public, Alma, aged 28, will launch her first album, on the 5th May entitled, “Ma peau aime”.

A daily soap

France Télévisions wants this years Eurovision, to be an event, according Antoine Boilley, deputy director of France 2, with programs allowing French audiences to become familiar with the contest.

From Tuesday 9th to Friday, 12th May, a short format of four minutes, “Eurovision moment”, will be broadcast every evening after 8pm of JT France 2. The channel also broadcast a daily soap in the competition in its JT at 1pm.

Like last year, France 4 will broadcast the semifinals (9 and 11 May)

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