Saint-Ouen-des-Toits: Driver Speeding at 177 km/h instead of 110

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Driver caught speeding at Saint-Ouen-des-Toits

ROAD SAFETY: 177 km/h. This is the speed displayed by the radar of the Laval police, on Thursday 9th March, at a passing car. The driver, aged 26, was stripped of their license on the spot.

A motorist 26 years was stopped yesterday morning for very excessive speeding.

The young man, unemployed and living La Baconnière, traveling on the RD31, towards the town of Saint-Ouen-des-Toits, when the gendarmes of the Laval motorized squad have caught him speeding on a radar at the speed of 177 km/h instead of 110 km/h allowed.

The driver has been immediately withdraw of their driving license.

They will be accountable to the Laval police court of the breach of the 5th class, which earned him, in addition, the loss of 6 points.

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