The Last Veteran of the Dieppe Raid Died

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The last veteran of the Dieppe raid, operation Jubilee has died

He was part of the Essex Scottish Regiment on the 19th August 1942. Leslie Tetler died in Canada on the 5th March at the age of 97.

Leslie Tetler, the last veteran of the Essex Scottish Regiment who took part in the Allied raid on the 19th August 1942, as part of Operation Jubilee in Dieppe, died in Windsor, Canada, on Sunday 5th March 2017, reports the website  Normandie-news .

It is mainly the Canadians and British who led Operation Jubilee. The raid ended in a tragic toll: more than 900 dead and 1946 prisoners of war.

Leslie Tetler had been taken prisoner and remained three years in captivity in a German camp.“He has mentioned the raid to his family in 1993, more than fifty years later,” says the town of Dieppe.

With Jacques Nadeau, Leslie Tetler is the second veteran of the Dieppe raid to have died in early 2017.

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