Drowning at Aquaboulevard of Paris: The 5 year old Girl Died

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The 5 year old who drowned at the Paris Aquabolevard has died

ACCIDENT: An investigation was opened to determine the responsibilities of the family and the Aquaboulevard park in Paris …

She did not survive this tragic accident. The little 5 year old girl who had drowned at Aquaboulevard in Paris on 22 February , has died, reports Le Parisien. The daily says that she was diagnosed brain dead on Saturday and an investigation has been opened by the police station of the 15th district to establish the circumstances of the tragedy and the responsibility of the various parties.

The girl was accompanied by her uncle and companion of the latter but would have escaped their attention and was alone in the wave pool, according to a witness. A police source says to the Paris daily that a lifeguard “dived immediately” and that a doctor was able to restart her heart, but brain injuries were too severe.

A death in 2003

This is not the first time that such a tragedy has occured at the Parisian water park but accidents are rare. A little boy had drowned in 2003 and 2012, a mother and her 4 year old son had been saved from drowning.

According to figures from the Institute of Health Surveillance in 2012 , about 1,000 people die each year by drowning in France, including 500 just on the summer. The majority of deaths occur in the sea and rivers, and only 10% occurs in public or private pool with paid access.

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