Olympic Games 2024: Over 50 Cities are Supporting the Candidacy of Paris

Just over 50 cities in the world support the Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics

Slightly more than 50 cities worldwide, often in Europe and Africa, announced Thursday their support for the Paris bid for the Olympic Games in 2024.

There are slightly more than 50 cities worldwide for the French capital. Paris “has the assets and the will to give a new breath to the Olympic values. These games would be shared, helpful and happy “ , says the appeal launched at the initiative of the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, issued by the city of Paris.

Paris wants to make the Olympics an “accelerator of social and environmental progress, and a lever for transformation of its entire metropolis” , welcomes the call. The French capital has also shown during Euro 2016 that it “knew meet safety requirements” , while remaining a “place of celebration, sharing and celebration” .

new slogan

Signatories include Abidjan, Athens, Bamako, Cape Town, Lima, Lisbon, Mexico City, Munich, Quito, Rabat, Riga, Rotterdam, Sydney, Tunis, Warsaw or Yaoundé. 

Paris 2024 on Friday unveiled its bid slogan, written in English, “Made for Sharing” by placing its Olympic bid under the sign of sharing and internationally. The host city of the Olympics-2024, successor in Tokyo, will be decided on the 13th September in Lima at the 130th IOC Session. Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest are candidates.

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