Lyon: Enhanced Security on the Christmas Markets

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Enhanced security at the Christmas market in Lyon

TERRORISM: The resources deployed has been reinforced even if the time is not to panic in the aisles of the Place Carnot, home to the main Christmas market in the city …

Hours after the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, the atmosphere was relaxed in the alleys of the Christmas market, located Place Carnot, Lyon.

“I was afraid that there is a decreased attendance today compared to previous days but this is not the case. People came, “says Arnaud, who runs a jewelry stand. He continued: “Last year, it was much worse. The Christmas market was only open a few days after the attacks in Paris . They had felt the difference. But not here.”

Behind his car, Françoise Avignon selling products, abounds. “I had no apprehension to come to work today. We see this morning that security has been strengthened. And truck or car can not come here, “supports the shopping, accustomed places.

Concrete blocks to prevent intrusion truck

“The concrete blocks were installed at different entrances to the site. Making it impossible for the intrusion of lorries” adds François, a Cognac producer. “As for the police or security guards, they remain very vigilant. My wife wanted to join me the other day at the opening. They did not know and were controlled, “said the trader.

“The safety device is mounted since this morning on the different Christmas markets, even if one is careful not to deplete other crowded places such as shopping centers or stations,” said Jacques-Antoine Sourice, deputy director of Sûreté du Rhône.

140 soldiers and police officers dedicated to the safety of Christmas markets

“Before a patrol remained permanently place Carnot, now more than twenty officers are mobilized. Some are stationed in one place and perform other shuttles continues, “he explains. In Lyon and its surroundings, nearly 140 personnel have been affected since Tuesday morning in the monitoring of Christmas markets: 70 policemen and as many soldiers.

“However, it is not to scare people, continues Michel Delpuech, the prefect of the Rhône. Berlin has shown that the threat of terrorism remains very high. It’s a reality. But we can not permanently cancel such events. Visitors should continue to come in peace.”

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