Champions League: Reform can still change after Ceferin

Ceferin will examine the new reform of the Champions League, which could still change.

The new boss of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin has again said that the reform of the Champions League for the period 2018-2021 “could change” in London on Wednesday for his first official appearance at the unveiling of the logo Euro-2020.

Asked by a journalist about the impossibility of turning back before 2021, the Slovenian leader replied: “I do not agree with you, so we’ll see. ” ” Everything can change ” , he has insisted moments later.

UEFA had, with full power vacuum end of August, decided that for the 2018-2021 period, Spain, England, Germany and Italy have four seats secured in phase C1 of hens behalf of their past good results in this race queen. The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) denounced a “decision widening the sporting and financial gulf between the top clubs and others” .

“It is not good for small and medium federations. But (…) it was my first day yesterday. I have to check what are the pros and cons of this decision. And there are advantages and disadvantages. And I will look and act the ” assured Mr. Ceferin Wednesday.

While saying he was opposed to this reform, Mr. Ceferin had warned before the election that he would not be able to cancel it unilaterally. Barely elected, he promised to sit at a table with 55 federations UEFA component to see “what (could) be done” .

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