Urban violence this Weekend in Nantes

Local News
A dozen cars were set on fire as urban violence broke out across Nantes

After a particularly quiet Friday Night, Saturday proved to be more eventful in different districts of Nantes. A dozen cars were burned.

While Friday night was unusually quiet for the city of nantes, Saturday night was a difficult night for police and fire fighters. And many families woke sorry to see their charred cars. In total, a dozen vehicles were burned in various parts of the city, apparently being totally random, as no connection could be found between the cars or the owners.
On the Route de Saint-Herblain, along the Durantière in Nantes, a fire destroyed four cars.  The owners, who were in bed at the time, were woken by several explosions soon after 7am. “Towards 7.15 am, I was awakened by a car alarm, says Didier who also heard such detonations. Through the window I saw flames three metres above a car.  I alerted the fire department and while I was on the phone with them, I saw that my car was burning too … ” 
Other random urban violence were reported. Police were the target of shots twice, in the northern areas of the City.   Fires, trash or cars, were also lit in bellevue and Zola sectors.

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