Panama Papers. The President of FC Nantes Waldemar Kita quoted

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The President of FC Nantes Waldemar Kita was quoted in the case of Panama Papers.

The Belgian daily Le Soir revealed last night that the president of FC Nantes, Waldemar Kita, was quoted in the Panama Papers.

According to the Belgian daily newspaper, Le Soir , the president of FC Nantes Waldemar Kita is one of the individuals mentioned in Panama Papers. It would appear that a Luxembourg company Navilux SA  was used to create an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands and accommodate his yacht. The Franco-Polish, the president of the Nantes Football Club is indeed the owner since 2007 of a boat 25 meters long, the K Grace, who has a location in Port Vauban in Antibes on the French Riviera. Le Soir implicates a “double-avoidance” tax, as Kita also chose Belgium as their home, “presumably to escape tax fortune” in France.

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