For 8 out of 10 French, Hollande did not Keep his Promise to the Youth

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8 out of 10 French do not think Hollande has kept his promise to the youth

Almost half of respondents, however, consider that it is the international economic environment that is responsible for the situation …

The televised speech of François Hollande  has not softened the grievances of French. More than 8 in 10 people believe that the president has not kept his promise to the youth, according to a survey Odoxa iTELE published Friday.

To the question “during his campaign in 2012, François Hollande promised to make youth a priority of his action. Do you feel that he kept his word? “, 43% of respondents answered” no, not at all, and 41% “not pretty”. However they are 2% say “yes, absolutely” and 14% “yes rather,” 16% yes.

For half of the French, it is the economic context that is responsible

Moreover, the French displayed a strong pessimism for the end of five years, 81% of them saying that the economic situation will not improve, 86% predicting that the unemployment curve will not be reversed, and 89% believing that François Hollande will fail to regain the confidence of the French.

However, nearly half of French (47%) is above all the international economic environment that is responsible for the current economic and social situation in France, supporters of the left being 79% to question, above all this context.

*Survey conducted online April 14th and 15th with a sample of 1,009 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over (quota method).The TV program with Francois Hollande was held on the evening of 14th April.

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