Brittany: Nespresso Opens its First Store in Rennes

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Nespresso has opened a new store in Rennes, the first in Brittany

This Thursday, February 15, 2018, Nespresso has opened a new shop in the city centre of Rennes near the Parliament, the first in Brittany and the third in the West.

Nespresso opened, this Thursday 15th February, 2018, a new shop in the city centre of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), the first for the brand in Brittany.

Near the Parliament, at rue Nation, the company has knocked two businesses into one, to have a total surface of approximately 130 square metres

A store waited by the people of Rennes

To run the shop, 19 Nespresso employees are present (but not George Clooney), with also 8 outside jobs.

“It’s been a long time since we were looking to open a shop in Rennes, it was the last big city that did not have its store yet,” says Ségolène de Malherbe, director of development and operations for the shops France.

“There was a real demand on the part of Rennes customers who went to Nantes or even to Paris to buy their coffee capsules”

For this first day of opening, a breakfast was organised for the members of the club, about 150 people were present. “We have already made a lot of sales, people are really excited. It’s been three years since we were waiting for a shop in Rennes, “said Ludovic Dolphen Le Flanchec, director of the new store.

Keeping local heritage

“We like to locate in places steeped in history and in which we can soak up the heritage of the city,” says Ségolène de Malherbe.

In the store, the granite walls were kept and the canopy dating from the 1920s was restored in the tasting room.

“As always, we brought our international concept, but this time with a real local footprint”

This is the 5th store that opens with the new concept of Nespresso: the friendly luxury. The circulation spaces are very airy, there is a lot of fluidity.

“We receive our guests as friends, in an architectural setting that carries the codes of luxury”

Already defined objectives

The first objectives are clear for Ludovic Dolphen The Flanchec: reinvigorate rue Nation, succeed in establishing itself properly and absorb the flows in a serene way.

As for Nespresso at the national level, the brand wants to double the number of stores in three years and move to 100 stores in five years. “For this, we will densify and reboost our shops in major cities, then develop stores in medium-sized cities like Annecy, Dijon or Brest.”

In France, there are currently 37 Nespresso shops and in the West there are three: Nantes, Rouen and now Rennes.

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