Toulouse: Man Arrested at Airport with 500 grams of Cocaine in the Stomach

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Man arrested at Toulouse airport, smuggling bags of cocaine in his stomach

A “mule”, from Guyana, was arrested at Toulouse Blagnac Airport with an accomplice, smuggling 500 grams of Cocaine …

The technique has become classic, but it is still too dangerous. A man in his twenties was arrested at the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac while carrying 500 grams of cocaine in his body, estimated to be worth 35,000 euros reports France 3 Sud . The case dates back to last Wednesday.

The “mule” from Guyana, that transported drugs in bags, was arrested along with another young man. This is an alleged accomplice, who was waiting for his “colleague” in Blagnac, in trafficking between South America and Europe.

fatal risk in case of failure of one sachet

This way of conveying the drug can turn into a tragedy if one of the bags is to break in the stomach during travelling.

The duo was imprisoned and investigation by the Regional Criminal Police (SRPJ) .

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