800 Puzzle Enthusiasts at the Regional Contest of Pallet

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*00 enthusiastes attend the regional puzzle contest

The 20th contest of Puzzles organized by the Bank of humanitarian Pallet was a mad craze. Four hundred people and two winning teams in 1 h 25 ‘, the Forcari sisters.

In the age of video and digital everything, it is a board game “old” which continues the puzzle. One of the first educational games that a child discovers, still fascinates many people if we are to believe the 800 fans who turned out on Sunday afternoon, the 20 th regional contest of the humanitarian Bank of Pallet .

More difficult than last year, with 500 rooms, almost colorless, while shades of white, gray or black, the competition gave a hard time to the participants. The Forcari sisters, Isabelle and Eloise, who lives in The Hague-Fouassière, won the setting 1 h 25 min. A time away three-quarters time last year, but reflects the degree of difficulty.

“This 20 th edition was a great success, announced with satisfaction Jean-Marie Roussière, president of the humanitarian association. Especially since we had to refuse many entries as we are maximum gauge, with the occupation of three rooms of the sports complex. This success is encouraging and saving for our association always sought by the poor. “

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