Nantes: A Suspicious Package of Biscuits Creates Havoc on the Tram

Local News
A suspicious Package was found on a Tram in Nantes

Bomb Squad had to intervene …

An alert to a suspicious package caused disruption yesterday in the city centre of Nantes, reports the Radio Côte d’Amour site. At 4pm, a suspicious backpack was reported on a tram which had approximately 50 travellers on board.  The tram was immediately stopped and evacuated while security forces were called.

A security perimeter was set up, with time to let the bomb squad intervene and investigate the backpack.  Tram lines were disrupted, as was also car traffic, as diversions had to be put into place around the security area.  At around 5.30 pm, the security perimeter was lifted, after the bomb squad determining that the abandoned backpack contained only a package of cookies.

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