Jacques Chirac hospitalized but “no worries,” says his daughter

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Former president Jacques Chirac hospitalized after health worries

Former President Jacques Chirac was hospitalized for a checkup. His condition “is not worrying,” announced his daughter Claude Chirac on Thursday morning.

Jacques Chirac , 83, was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon in a Paris hospital because he felt “weak for several days” but his condition has “no concerns” , said Thursday morning to AFP the daughter of former president, Claude Chirac. “feeling weakened in recent days, Jacques Chirac was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon to make a general check of his health. It should remain in the hospital for a few days or a short week. His condition has no concern ” , said the youngest daughter of the former head of state by telephone to AFP. ” His life is not in danger ” , said a close. Jacques Chirac celebrated his 83 years on 29 November.

Hospitalized repeatedly

Jacques Chirac, president from 1995 to 2007, was hospitalized several times since leaving the Elysee, which has fueled every time rumors about his health, even on his death. in December 2013, he had been hospitalized for a “kidney intervention” in La Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris. In February 2014, he was also briefly hospitalized at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine after a “violent attack of gout” . Known for decades for its health iron he had known in September 2005 his first real trouble (stroke) and then had to be hospitalized urgently in Val-de-Grace. This condition had then greatly weakened.

Last public appearance in November 2014

In recent years, he feels more and more difficult to move even if it continues to go very regularly in offices made available under his status as a former head of state, close to the national Assembly. in January 2014, his wife Bernadette Chirac declared thinking that her husband never speak in public. He suffers as of Alzheimer’s disease ? “I honestly do not believe (…) It does not really symptoms, but it is true that a small decrease in its memory especially at times is very variable ” , she had said then. one of the last public appearances of Jacques Chirac date of the award of a prize for its foundation in the Branly museum in November 2014. He arrived weakened, walking with a cane and supported by a man.

“He does not realize”

“He does not realize, and so much better, how much her life has changed because of the stroke that made two years before his retirement” declared Bernadette Chirac, wife of the former president of the Swiss chain RTS in May 2014. “In recent years, health Jacques Chirac has much declined. What he suffers exactly? This is one of the best kept secrets of the Republic, ” stated Bruno Dive, author of ” Chirac’s life after ” in March on his blog .”

The doctors themselves precisely refuse to name the disease overwhelms the former president, despite repeated requests from his wife and daughter. Do not dare they say to them the words that annoy or scary? ” ” The truth is both simpler and more complex: Jacques Chirac is probably suffering from a form of Alzheimer’s disease, but the presence of a pacemaker from a small cardiac incident in 2010 prevented from proceeding by MRI exam required. ” Pursued the columnist South West.

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