Theatres and museums remain closed Sundays and provisional “until further notice”

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Museums, Theatres and public events cancelled due to the attacks in Paris
Museums, Theatres and public events cancelled due to the attacks in Paris
Opened initially in the morning, the Louvre finally closed its doors.

Public cultural institutions will be closed Sunday. Festivals and Private cinemas are also very affected …

A weekend without culture. After the attacks in Paris, took place in the night of Friday, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has decided to extend the closure of public cultural institutions from Saturday to Sunday.  This concerns all the museums, theatres and other public cultural institutions in the region. Conservatories of the City of Paris have also announced that they are “all closed until further notice.”

The Department recommends that private operators in the sector (theatres, concerts, festivals …) “to postpone any public gathering” or strengthen the security measures for their events.

Cinemas follow suit

In private establishments, it has dropped the curtain. For some still open in the morning, the Gaumont Pathé cinemas UGC and MK2 have gradually adopted the same policy, and turned off their lights on the instructions of the police headquarters.

“A thought for our friends, colleagues, victims Bataclan and elsewhere”

Many concert halls had gone ahead and warned their customers via their site or social networking. The e Zenith postponed the  arrival of  Soprano Saturday night, at a later date. Similarly, Olympia will not host The Do, who was to play this Saturday or Nekfeu Sunday. Same story at the Bellevilloise where concerts “are cancelled until further notice.” Not far away, La Flèche d’Or, also announced on Facebook a weekend without music, “with a thought for our friends, colleagues, victims Bataclan and elsewhere.”

Several affected festivals

Several festivals which were previously had dates assigned like the Philips lesInrocks 2015  canceled the dates of 14 and 15 November. On the video side, the Cinessonne Festival has given up on the days of Jurys. The rest of its programming is also significantly changed. The International Festival of Pessac-history film is about him, to “indefinitely” postponed  its 26th edition. The event, whose departure was scheduled initially for Monday, November 16, was entitled “A so near East.”

Other festivals have decided to maintain part of their program. “Unless it contravenes the government measures”, more than half of the concerts scheduled this Saturday at the  Blues sur Seine Festival will take place well.

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