6 Billion for a European High-Speed Internet by Satellite

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6 billion for a European broadband Internet

HIGH-SPEED: European high-speed internet could emerge in the late 2020s with the development of the Internet by Satellite

After developing its own satellite positioning system – Galileo – Europe wants to free itself from foreign satellites by setting up its own network in order to guarantee its digital sovereignty. In this way, the European Union could offer high-speed Internet access to all of its citizens.

To achieve this, Europe will need to deploy its own constellation of satellites dedicated to Internet connectivity in orbit. The European Union is targeting the year 2027 to free itself from the systems of foreign companies. It has already selected a consortium of European companies to study the feasibility of the project. Mention may, in particular, be made of Airbus, Arianespace, Eutelsat, OHB or even Orange. The latter will have to render their verdict within a year.

A 6 billion euros satellite network

According to initial estimates, the high-speed Internet project supported by a network of European satellites is expected to cost around 6 billion euros.

The development of a European broadband Internet network will benefit many sectors. The aim of the EU project is to deliver “a new initiative to strengthen European digital sovereignty and provide secure connectivity to citizens, business enterprises and public institutions. This sovereign European infrastructure should cover a wide range of sectors, including road and maritime transport, air traffic control, the development of autonomous vehicles as well as many applications of the Internet of Things. Let us recall that Europe had already freed itself, with pain, but with success, from the American GPS geolocation system by implementing Galileo which, moreover, continues to expand. This new project will further strengthen European sovereignty, Les Echos.

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