Nantes: Which Shops will be Open before Christmas?

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Which shops will be open on Sunday before Christmas

Which shops will be open on Sunday before Christmas

The debate about opening shops on Sundays before Christmas is being discussed again …

Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes, has already announced that shops in the town centre of Nantes will be authorized to open for two Sundays before Christmas, just like last year.  The CFDT union, is on the same wavelength, while other unions are still opposed to the idea of opening any shops on Sunday.

The problem is know there are calls for the large out of town Shopping centres on the Periphique around Nantes, should also have the same rights and be allowed to open on these Sundays also.  The union professionnelle artisanale, which supports the smaller independent traders, does not agree, fearing that it will take the crowds will then be taken away from the town centre if the shopping centres are allowed to be open.

Discussions are continuing at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes and a vote shall be passed by the council on the 9th October.  For the record, Saint-Nazaire authorizes since 2012,  the opening of stores on the two Sunday afternoons before Christmas.

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