Celine Dion is Preparing Two New Albums in 2016 and 2017

Celine Dion to release two new albums
Celine Dion to release two new albums
Céline Dion en concert à Las Vegas en 2015 – Powers Imagery/AP/SIPA

The singer announced floor on two projects, one in French, one in English …

The news will delight the many fans of the international star. This morning on RTL, Celine Dion announced that she has two projects currently in preparation. The singer is preparing a French album for 2016, and another in English for 2017.

“I’d really like to keep moving forward”

She has not released an album since 2012 an album in French ( Sans Attendre), but despite the illness of her husband René and these difficult times, Celine Dion will continue to move forward.  And for that, the singer announced the plans for the two new albums. “I will continue to do my job as much as possible. I can not tell you right now that I’m going to work. But there will be a French album and an album in English. I hope to release the French album in 2016 and English in 2017, “she told RTL.

“It is open to all”

If Celine Dion is rather evasive on these projects, she still said she was open to all proposals, “We’re just beginning to receive songs. It is open to all.  Any writer or composer can send me his art.  Whether it is songs that allow me to achieve new goals, to evolve, to have a good time, to be passionate because I’d really like to keep moving forward. ”

In addition to the information about new projects, the singer has also expressed the difficult time she has with René, her husband suffering from throat cancer.”We have no future tomorrow, tomorrow does not exist.  Because our future begins tonight, that’s how I want to see it because otherwise it’s too heavy, “she says.

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Jorge ortiz

Celine I can’t wait for u 2 make a English album I hope u make a disc before 2017 I hope ur CD will be better than ur 2000s record one heart and a new day has come I love Celine god bless u

Jorge ortiz

I love all ur albums ur the biggest selling female artist ever and u deserve to win another diamond award