Loire-Atlantique: Flashed 41 times, the biker believed he was invulnerable

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Loire-Atlantique biker thought he was invulnerable
Loire-Atlantique biker thought he was invulnerable
Gendarmes Speed Check area – Loire Atlantique

He thought he had found the method for not paying a fine …

he deception is complete. After 40 successful attempts, a biker of Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique) ended up being caught in his own game. As the story Presse-Océan , this man of 47 years was playing for a year with automatic radar limited road at 90 km / h. He was never worried because this radar flashes from the front when the license plate of the bike is put back.

License revoked, seized motorcycle and court summons

But his method was eventually spotted by an automated central system which related the road traffic offenses.  His license was withdrawn and seized motorcycle.  The man will also have to answer a court summons for his biggest measured speeding … 162 km / h or more than 70 km / h above the limit.

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