DOGTV, arrives in France

DogTV arrives in France

TELEVISION – The channel, whose programming was developed by veterinarians, mitigates boredom and stress experienced by dogs when left alone …

DOGTV, the channel for dogs who are bored at home alone, arrives in France

DogTV arrives in France
A dog watching TV. – PureStock / SIPA

Notice to idle dog masters programs DOGTV the American channel, specially designed to distract the man’s best friend, are now available on channel 110 of the Orange network.

Dog watching TelevisionThe chain, the first (and only) to target a canine hearing is to “alleviate boredom and stress” experienced by dogs when left alone at home, she said Wednesday in its statement. The program was “developed by veterinarians according to hearing sensitivity, visual and emotional,” says DOGTV.

DogTV arrives in France

Emissions from 3 to 6 minutes

Each issue takes 3 to 6 minutes and the program schedule is divided into three categories: stimulation (images and moving objects), awareness (sound and special visual stimulating the senses), relaxation (relaxation of content, music, sounds and soothing visuals).

At the origin of the creation of the chain, the guilt of an American, Ron Levi, forced to leave her cat alone during the day. Having noticed that the animal was reacting to images and sounds on television, he began to create a channel devoted to dogs.DOGTV was launched after three years of research in the United States and in 2012 a “strategic agreement” was signed with Discovery Communications.

Since the chain is installed in the United States on the DIRECTV network in France since April 1 on the Orange network in Japan on TV Hiraki, Germany that of Deutsch Telekom. It is also active in South Korea, Great Britain, Ireland and Portugal.


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