The Government critized for the violence on the May 1st

Violence on May 1st: Government Criticized and Unions Frustrated, 109 People in Custody

In the aftermath of the violence committed by thugs in Paris during the May Day demonstration, the government is strongly criticized. The Paris demonstration of May 1st, overshadowed by the violence of ultra-left groups , has provoked union frustrations – with fears for the right to demonstrate – and political controversy over possible police failures. The parade […]

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Emmanuel Macron reacts to the violence on May 1st

May 1st: For Macron, “Mayday is the Day of the Workers, not the Day of the Breakers”

The head of state condemned, from Australia, the violence committed on Tuesday, May 1st in the sidelines of the trade union processions. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, condemned from Australia the violence committed in Paris during the May 1st; Mayday demonstration. About 1,200 hooded and violent individuals faced the police . Cars and garbage cans were burned and a McDonald’s […]

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