The number of unpaid gas and electricity instalments rose again in 2018

Gas, Electricity: The Number of Unpaid Installments Rose Again in 2018

FINANCE: The number of homes in France unable to pay gas and electricity bills rose again in 2018 The number of interventions for outstanding payments rose again in 2018, said Thursday the National Energy Ombudsman, which calls for the establishment of additional support measures for the most fragile households. The number of interventions has increased by […]

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12 million people in France are struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills

Nearly 12 Million French People Struggling to Pay their Gas and Electricity Bills

ENERGY: Nearly 6 million households spend more than 10% of their income on their energy costs … More and more French households are struggling to pay their energy bills. This was the observation made on Tuesday by the National Fuel Poverty Observatory (ONPE) . Nearly 6 million households are thus considered in fuel poverty, that is […]

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