PSA could merge with Fiat-Chrysler.

After Failing with Renault, Fiat Chrysler wants to get Engaged with PSA

The two car groups, PSA and Fiat Chrysler have confirmed Wednesday 30th October 2019 discussions to create a giant valued at some 50 billion dollars. A few months after its abortive merger with Renault, the Italian-American car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler discusses a merger with the other major French group in the sector, PSA, to give birth to the world […]

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Renault, Fiat Chrysler want to form a global giant

Automotive: Renault and Fiat Chrysler Want to Form a Global Giant

The two manufacturers are expected to announce, on Monday 27th May, 2019, a partnership that would make them the world’s largest manufacturer, with 16 million vehicles sold per year. Between them, they would form a new giant of the automobile : the French Renault and the Italian-American Fiat Chrysler are about to announce Monday 27th May, 2019 a project […]

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