Christmas: The Festivities are Barely Over, But the Time has Started with the Resale of Gifts

Unwanted Christmas presents are already on Ebay

NO THANKS: This Tuesday noon, already 115,000 resale Christmas gift ads had already been posted on the eBay site … 

Duplicate book, ugly pull or gift down the side of the plate … At Christmas, misfires are common. And many people choose to resell them. This Tuesday noon, already 115,000 ads had already been posted on the eBay site.

Ebay France, the online retail site, is expecting nearly 800,000 new listings, and no less than 3 million between Christmas and January 3rd. “The amount of gifts is increasing every year,” said company account executive Louize Benzrihem, who is expecting another resale spike “about 30 days after Christmas, once the merchandise return time has expired.” expired “on the receipts.

Resale of gifts to finance the following Christmas

For its part, the site Rakuten France, formerly Priceminister, provides “more than 3 million sales on sale until the beginning of the sales”. Since Monday midnight, nearly 500,000 new announcements have already been published on the platform. For Fabien Versavau, the president of Rakuten France, consumers now have the “reflex to resell some of their gifts.”

A few days before Christmas, 22% of French people already said they wanted to give or resell their failed gifts , according to a Kantar TNS study for eBay. Of the resellers, 42% plan to keep the money, 35% buy something else and 24% keep the resale money to finance the next Christmas presents.

Gift rental, the new fashionable option

According to an Opinion Way study for Rakuten France, it is “those who buy their gifts online who resell theirs most easily”, and especially young consumers (25-34 years).

Another solution is renting gifts. This Tuesday afternoon, E-loue Express site exceeded the 10,000 requests for rental on its site, “a figure almost tripled compared to last year at the same time,” detailed Alexandre Woog, the site director. “Many French people are turning to renting their Christmas presents, which is a simple solution to increase their purchasing power,” he added.

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