Normandy: Storks have Settled in Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs

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Storks have settled in Saint-Pierre-és-Champs

New feathered inhabitants have taken up residence on the Tourbières site, in Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs, on the road to Saint-Germer-de-Fly.

Storks in Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs ! On the site of Tourbières, a surprise awaits all those who take the road of Saint-Germer-de-Fly. At the turn of a bend, at the top of an electric pylon, a couple of storks took possession of the place and a brood was born. The young storks are now ready for their first flight.

The manager of the Tourbières site explains:

You will still find storks at the top of a tree in a meadow near Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs

He watches over these new inhabitants of the region.

Birds perched on their new place of life near Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs
Birds perched on their new place of life near Saint-Pierre-ès-Champs. (© The Scout-The Dispatch)

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