Normandy: An Art Competition in Vernon, Saturday

Local News
Sandrine Goupil, visual artist, Sandrine Tamagnaud, secretary and Thierry Chambenois, president of the association Visual Art.

The association “Visual Art” is proposing Saturday a contest of experimental art and artistic performances in the Jardin des Arts in Vernon.

The artist Sandrine Goupil , initiator of the project defines this contest as “an experimental invitation to a dream and a trip to the imaginary in music with the plastic arts. Invitation that has already seduced 38 artists who will be present Saturday at the Garden of Arts:

“The performer has the opportunity to register for one, two or three sessions, details Sandrine Goupil, and last-minute registrations are possible. The competition is open to professionals, knowledgeable amateurs and young artists (16 – 25 years old) divided by category.”

All techniques and tools are allowed, only the size of the canvas is imposed (100 cm x 80 or 100 cm x 100). To give free rein to their imagination, they will be accompanied on each session by a band of music: “Vaguement la jungle” which will make performers and spectators travel from east to west, the group “Kat” will propose an experimental improvisation between Tunisia and Australia and the Givernois of ”  You Said Strange  “.

“Plastic arts, music, and performers will merge and the viewer will be invited to share a moment of pure experimental creation between musicians and visual artists” summarizes the artist giving advice to future performers: “The purpose of this experiment is not not to produce a decorative work but to share the creation. So, let go! “

To obtain a registration form and the rules of the contest:

Possibility to register on site for latecomers. Free admission to concerts and shows. Presentation of the public’s prize: Saturday, June 16 at 8 pm, Jardin des Arts. Finalist Award Ceremony: Sunday 17th June at 4 pm, EPA.

 The program
10am: Reception of the public
10.30am: Concert of the band Vaguement la jungle. Start of the first session of the experimental art contest.
11.40am: Show of the company Nejma.
12 midday: Snack break proposed by the association Art Visual.
12.30pm: Strolling of the company Eteile
1 pm: Intermède with the group Vaguement jungle.
1.40pm: Strolling of the company Eteile
2pm: Kat group concert (experimental improvisation). Second session of the contest.
3.15pm: Company Me skin.
4pm: Intermède with the group Vaguement jungle.
4.40pm: VO Company, Dance from Keith’s drawing.
5pm: Concert of the group You Said Strange. Third session of the competition.
6pm: VO Company, Dance from Keith’s drawing.

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