Normandy: Sunbathing Break for a Young Seal on Jonville Beach

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Catherine Truffert with the young seal on Jonville Beach at Réville.

On the 1st April, it was not a big fish that was seen on the beach of Jonville, in Réville, but a young seal basking.

It is at an unusual show, even if it is not very rare, that Sunday, April 1 attended walkers on the beach of Jonville, in Réville.

A young seal was lounging quietly on the sand! Catherine Truffert has fun with it:

“We could have thought … of an April fool, but it was real!”

On vacation for a few days in the family home, this author and screenwriter has already had the opportunity to work with Jacques Perrin and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the “Protection of Nature, Marine Animals and Wildlife” campaign. and flora.

“He came and went from the sea to the beach”

In other words, she is sensitized to the animal cause. She tells :

“The young seal seemed to be doing very well, coming and going from the sea to swim at the beach to dry.”

Chipped, te marine mammal was also seen the next day.

The seal looked happy on Jonville beach
The seal looked healthy. Did he come from the bay of Veys?

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