Buried Under Tar, a Rugby Player between Life and Death

Romain Carlier, young rugby player for RC Compiegne was severely burned in an accident at work.

A young rugby player RC Compiegne was buried under seven tonnes of hot tar on a construction site where he worked. Severely burned, he is between life and death.

The RC Compiegne, who plays in the Federal 3 is in shock. The player of the club Romain Carlier has suffered a very serious accident.

According to Le Parisien, which reports the facts, the young man of 27, who worked as a temp in a company of Public Works was buried under seven tons of hot asphalt, when he had filled his wheelbarrow.

An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the tragic accident.

The young man could be extracted by his colleagues, but suffers severe burns. Transported to the Specialist burns unit at the Percy Military Teaching Hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine), he was operated for five hours.

Placed in an artificial coma, his prognosis is still unknown. According to his mother, if he survives he could lose the use of his legs. It sent a message to his rugby friends RC Compiegne, committed in the Federal championship of France 3, against Ris Sunday: “Let’s stay strong with solidarity in this terrible time. Keep in mind that Roman would not like us apitoyions us about his fate.

Solidarity club is, it mobilizes support..

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