Haute-Savoie: A Princess of Dubai gives 1 Million to a Village

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A princess of Dubai gives a million to a village in Haute-Savoie

The Princess Latifa Bint Maktoum of Dubai just offered one million dollars to the town of Excenevex (Haute-Savoie). One that is seasonal resident of this small village of the edges of Lake Geneva and finance the construction of a new children’s playground. The donation was accepted “without any consideration whatsoever” by the city council.

Just over 900 000 €. This is the amount of the check that has signed the Princess Latifa Bint Maktoum in the town of Excenevex (Haute-Savoie). The municipal council of this village of 1200 inhabitants has decided unanimously to accept the gift, “without any consideration whatsoever”, at its meeting on the 20th March, according to the report available online.

The Princess Latifa Bint Maktoum spends “5 to 6 months in the year” in her castle Rocks, located in the small town of Lake Geneva. “She made us this proposal last fall” through her housekeeper, told the mayor (Republicans) Pierre Fillon, adding that the transfer of funds was “ongoing” .

“Coming from Dubai, sand, we do not like”

“The princess, who is English speaking and very Francophile, has a little girl and she wants to play with the children of the village” , continued the happy elected official who ensures that million to be used for the realization of a park children’s play.

If the town already has a playground and is located on the beach of the village, “the biggest fine of all Lake Geneva sand” , said the mayor, “but when you come from Dubai, the sand is do not like “.

“Opening to the public” and “cultural creativity”

The municipality has chosen a grass field, overlooking the lake, which was just awaiting funding into a landscaped park. The manna of the “generous donor” will be devoted to the development of this future pre Cottin Park, respecting his will “public opening” and “cultural creativity” .

Note that Excenevex had already benefited from the generosity of another dignitary from the Gulf, 200 000 € in 2009 came from the ruler of Abu Dhabi.

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