The State of Emergency could be Extended to the Presidential Election

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The state of emergency in France could be extended in January to cover the Presidential election

SAFETY:  In any case thinks that the member of the commission of inquiry into the attacks in 2015 …

Sébastien Pietrasanta, PS and member of the commission of inquiry into the attacks in 2015 , said on Saturday that the state of emergency will undoubtedly be extended in January, “at least until the presidential election.” The state of emergency, introduced after the attacks of 13 November, which made 130 deaths, has been extended for six months in late July .

“I said in July at the National Assembly: only a political consensus, Republican, can we get out. But how do you want this decision to be taken after what happened in Nice, among others, and while we are in the pre-presidential period? “Argues the deputy PS in L’Observateur . “What will be its responsibility, in this case the President or Parliament as a whole, which will lift the state of emergency? “He adds.

“I am under no illusion”

“Who dares to? I have no illusions, I am convinced that it will be extended again in January, at least until the presidential election “in April and May 2017, warns Sébastien Pietrasanta, who regretted the” escalation “current, related he said in the campaign of the primary right and the future presidential campaign.

For him, registering the state of emergency in time “necessarily returns to the squander. ” “However, the extension of the state of emergency allows the prosecution of certain individuals under house arrest , or the prefect to make special provisions for public order,” said the deputy of the Hauts-de-Seine.

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