The Band, Skip The Use has Split

The French Band from Lille, Skip the Use, has announced that it is splitting up

La Voix du Nord foretold it a week ago, this Thursday is confirmed: the Skip The Use separated. “Today we have arrived at a stage in the group where we no longer agree on everything. And even if we love beyond our differences, it alters the sincerity that is our strength, “wrote the singer Mat Bastard on Facebook.

“This adventure has been important in my life and I am aware that I must be at the height of the trust you have given me,” says the artist in the long message to the fans.

A new group, the Loov

Mat Bastard also evokes “l’aventure Etre heureux [a song about Marine Le Pen]” which, in his words, was “completely out to live.” And explain: “This support for it in our beautiful country made me realize that despite the troubles, wherever they come from, we know come together and reject the inevitability and shit thrown at us mouth everywhere. I fantasized so much to find allies in this fight more important than ever against intolerance, stupidity and especially hatred. You are beautiful ! Would not change a thing ! Or rather change all together! ”
To our brothers in La Voix du Nord, Mat Bastard talked about his new group, the Loov, preparing a first single for the beginning of next year and with whom he wants to “dig” engagement initiated by the song Be happy.

Skip The Use the band formed in 2008 in Ronchin, near Lille . The quintet has released two albums, a self-titled in 2009, and Can Be Late in 2012, and has increased the concerts and benefits in festivals . This sequel had obtained the victory of the music of the rock album of the year in 2013.

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