Nantes: Touchscreens arrive in taxis

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Taxis in Nantes have started to add touchscreens to their vehicles.
Taxis in Nantes have started to add touchscreens to their vehicles.
A mediaSize screen aboard a taxi in Nantes. – MediaSize

To improve their service on board, Nantes taxis equip themselves with information screens …

In recent weeks, customers of Nantes taxis can discover a new service during the trip.  Installed on the back of the front seats, touch screens, similar to those that can be found on a plane, in effect to offer users various information: general news and sports, cultural outings, magazines, comics, food chain, data travel, booking platform, voice translator, video call …

In total, thirty vehicles of the Allo Taxis network  feature them. Only Paris and Lyon taxis have to date the same tool

Playful and practical content

This is the mediaSize company, based in Paris, which is behind the project. “When taking a taxi in the US, I noticed that it was innovative things to ease the journey,” says the creator of mediaSize, Hugues de Laubadère.  “Customers of a taxi sit in a closed environment for twenty minutes on average, he said.  The idea was to offer a playful content, but also practical, responding to their expectations.  And thus enhance the experience on board in a context of increasingly competitive. ”

Customers are surprised

Despite the cost of equipment (10 to 35 euros per month depending on the level of service), the drivers seem quite satisfied. “The early returns are positive, confirms Frédéric Allain, president of Allo taxis. Customers are surprised at first, but appreciate.  Of course they are free to use. Some still prefer their smartphone.  But it’s more for the service.  Other drivers will be putting it in more taxis I think.  It could have a snowball effect. “

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